Russian scientists discover new method to study based on tickling

I translated the article from spnish to english so sorry about the mistakes you may see.

Russian scientists discovered a new technique to study, that allows students to do it better and more quickly.

The problem that many students have to face when studying is that they are often forced to study a subject or a particular topic that do not interest them, either because the subject or theme are mandatory in their school curriculum or because approval is necessary to continue with their college career. This is where the task of studying becomes tedious and boring.

This problem is serious and sometimes may even get to lack of motivation and loss of concentration by the learner. But with this revolutionary technique to study these Russian scientists say that they have finished with that dilemma.

The initial objective of this new method is to make students see studying as pleasurable and fun activity to do and at the same time to help them study in a quicker and better way.

The method, as we are told, consists in studying in groups (not less than 2 people) but first each pupil should do it in a conventional manner, i.e. study on his own. Then, students should get together and make a revision of what they've been reading about. One of them will answer the questions that the others will ask and when that person does not respond or respond wrongly, he or she will be tickled. After that the correct answer will be given to him or her and then the other students will go on questioning their friend, when that person finishes responding another student will take that place and now he should answer the questions and when he fails he will receive a small dose of tickling. With this encouragement the learner's brain will understand that he must associate that question with that response and finally manages to get the right answer.

In addition to this, it should be borne in mind that the place where the students will be tickled depends on their gender. After implementing this method in a hundred people, Russian scientists concluded that the site chosen for men should be the sole of their feet and for the women should be their belly.

Source: IZVESTIA Newspaper (
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